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Fallout 4 Poop Mod

It is worth noting that the material will be quite unusual and represents the products of the vital activity of different animals. In addition, there will be new sounds that will warn the heroes that a new poop will appear soon. By the way, they can be used as weapons, they impose a nausea effect on those they hit.

Fallout 4 Poop Mod

Thus, ordinary and super, as well as Lucky Blocks of poop will appear in Minecraft PE. From them, players will be able to craft a sword for themselves. To get the necessary resources, you will need to get a cow, she will produce it every 30 minutes.

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If you are panicked, and over 80% (or 70%, if you have diarrhea) you have the possibility to poop yourself. This will upset your character and debuff the lowest layered item on your groin/upper legs (you can easily tell what clothing items are debuffed by looking for '(Defecated)'. Continuing to wear them will further upset your character so they should be sterilized with bleach and water.

Oh and P.S. Now it finally makes sense why the magazines and newspapers are magically disappearing after reading . What about the comic books though (since I assume books have too hard cover and are too long to read when pooping )?

As far as defecating, I'd love to see some option to defecate without access to TP and water other than pooping yourself since it comes natural for me for the characters surviving in forests, but I guess with vehicles, wide map, servers with respawning loot, unlimited amount of zombies clothes and ability to use different things to wipe and an option to jury-rig a rain barrel to provide water for the toilet (assuming it works!), inability to defecate properly would be slim in comparison to actually keeping the character alive and in well being in the first place .

What is the process for removing moderators prior to this process? Monica says you didn't follow any of the processes in place at the time, so this new process seems like it's just a knee-jerk reaction to the fallout that's occurred from removing her. How do we know that this new process will be followed? In short, when someone at SO makes a mistake, it seems like it's swept under the rug without admission of any wrongdoing, in spite of the paper trail, and the 'processes' seem to be really more of what you'd call 'guidelines' than actual rules?

I want to adopt the Pop-Tarts wiki ( The only administrator has not edited since August 18, 2010. For the past few months, I am the only regular user who is an actual contributor and not a spammer/hacker/vandal. I have a long list of accounts and IPs that need to be blocked, for the previous reasons. Someone even hacked into my account and deleted the content of my userpage and talk page with "I love bees" related stuff. I once accessed my Pop Tarts wiki account on another wikia user's computer. Someone hacked into his Uncyclopedia account and replaced stuff with "I love bees" stuff after I had accessed my account. But this isn't relevant. I've changed my password now. The hacker even created a spam page FROM MY ACCOUNT. Speaking of which, I have a list of non-encyclopedic/spam (by standards) articles that need to be deleted. I am 99% positive that I have edited every page at least once. The creator/inactive administrator, Construction Worker, created most of the articles. However, his English is nowhere near as advanced as mine. I have rewritten almost all of his articles to grammatically/technically make sense. (The grammar was so bad that technically, the articles didn't make sense.) He made many spelling mistakes, also. I fixed all that I could, but I need to delete some things/access templates, which only an admin can do. For example, the category "Sponsership" must be deleted. I have already created "Sponsorship". A lot of things also have grammar or spelling problems that are on templates that are hidden when I click "Edit this page". The whole wiki needs a name overhaul, as it is officially the Pop Tarts Wiki. I would like to change the name to Pop-Tarts Wiki, to comply with the Kellogg's official name/brand. I have created several articles and categories. I massively improved the Peanut Butter & Jelly page by adding ingredients, nutrition facts, vitamins and minerals (which I plan to do more of to other pages), among making it grammatically correct. I have left messages to the admin, but he is inactive. There are many vandalism pictures which do not link to anywhere and need to be deleted (such as a very big poop ball). Did I mention that I need to block many people? My friend, who regularly vandalizes Wikipedia and has talked about vandalizing Wookieepedia, even vandalised my user page and posted a picture of one of my middle-school teachers! I am the #1 user, with around 330 points or something. No other user even comes close. The #2 user, Goku556, has only 80 points, and all of his page contributions have been vandalism, so his points that don't come from user page contributions don't even count. NONE of his edits have been useful or positive. (And, by standards, he has personally attacked me.) The past few days, I have reverted SO MUCH VANDALISM! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR 18 PAGES OF "RAPE RAPE RAPE" x 50! I NEED ROLLBACKS AND BANNING POWER! There are less than 105 encyclopedic articles on that wiki and no active community. I have already made 150+ edits. Thank you for your consideration,WIERDGREENMAN 23:54, December 1, 2010 (UTC)

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