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Cars On The Road Season 1 - Episode 3 Fix

While camping on a mountain, Mater meets a group of investigators searching for "Bigfoot" due to supposed sightings in the mountain. After Mater agrees on behalf of both himself and McQueen to join them, the duo accompanies the group on their search. McQueen is carnapped in a shack tied up from ropes by the purported "Bigfoot", whom he discovers is actually Ivy, a monster truck who ran away to the mountains due to feeling uncomfortable smashing cars as a performance. Mater finds them at Ivy's shack, and the two agree to scare off the investigators by pretending to be aliens. The next morning, Ivy joins the duo on their road trip.

Cars on the Road Season 1 - Episode 3

The filmmakers wanted a short-form series because they felt it was the best way to explore the concept of a road trip, while also exploring the relationship between McQueen and Mater, as the producers felt the characters lacked screentime together. Each episode features a different tone and genre.[10] The concept for the series was suggested by Purcell as the producers brainstormed ideas, having been inspired by a childhood road trip he took with his family; he wanted to explore how McQueen and Mater react to finding themselves in different scenarios.[11][12] According to Purcell, the story for each episode was decided out of a basic scenario, after which the filmmakers pitched concepts that fit within the Cars world and had not been explored before.[10] Concepts for the episodes include stories inspired by films such as Mad Max and The Shining.[11] For Mater's relationship with his sister, Mato, Podesta drew inspiration from his relationship with his sisters.[8]

The series follows Lightning McQueen and his best friend Mater on a cross-country road trip. These episodes are filled with lots of fun new characters, imaginative destinations as well as old friends checking in along the way.

To settle an argument over the best sports car, the presenters go to Marrakech, Morocco to compare the Mazda MX-5, the Zenos E10S and the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider. During the road trip Clarkson suddenly pulls over due to a leg cramp while driving the 4C. Later, he challenges Hammond and May to weigh their cars to prove that the 4C is lighter, using an improvised scale and animal carcasses as counterweight. Rated 8.8/10.

In this very first episode of The Grand Tour, Clarkson, Hammond and May testing three hybrid hypercars; the McLaren P1, Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari at the Algarve International Circuit in Portugal. Rated 8.5/10.

MacGyver is in Budapest, meeting an intelligence agent named Nikolai Grodsky, who has vital information to pass on. With a road rally in town, MacGyver is happy to be there. Enjoying what looks to be a chocolate ice cream cone, MacGyver watches as a city worker uses a control box to change a nearby traffic light. MacGyver continues to walk about, tossing the cone of the ice cream, and observing one of the rally cars on display on the side of the road. As he views the car's engine, a young girl walks by and bumps into him. MacGyver quickly spins and catches the girl by the arm; she protests, but sure enough, MacGyver finds his Swiss Army Knife in her palm. He then instructs her on some of the finer points of pickpocketing. The girl, Jana, offers herself as a guide, and then offers to sell him a gypsy blessing, but MacGyver convinces her to do it for free. As they go their separate ways, Jana once again steals MacGyver's Swiss Army Knife.

Electric cars may be the future, but the future needs to speed up. And by that, we mean charging speeds have got to accelerate as quickly as the Polestar 2 at a green light: 45 minutes every 200 miles or so won't cut it for any family looking to make a longer road trip.

The more EVs on the road, the more charging stations that will be needed. There's not a lot of demand for them right now, so charging ports were plentiful on our trip. But just think of 20 cars sitting for 45 minutes or more at a time at a single charging station. That takes up a lot of time and space.

The Prevalent is a 4 wheeled, medium speed car with 4 seats. It spawns with 40-100 fuel in, and can be found booted. The Islander Prevalent is best suited for on road driving, but it does not have the worst offroad capabilities compared to other cars. It is tied for the lowest amount of HP.

The Bear is a 4 wheeled, medium speed car with 2 seats, two inside and two in the truck bed. It spawns with 40-100 fuel in, and can be found booted. The OG Bear is best suited for off-road driving, but drives at an equal speed on-road. It has the 2nd most HP of all cars.

The Mudflap is a 6 wheeled, slow speed car with 2 seats. It spawns with 40-100 fuel in, and can be found booted. The Titano Mudflap is best suited for on-road driving, and drives slower off-road. It has the most HP of all cars. 041b061a72

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