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FPS Packs

You will be very happy to use this pack as it gives you complete images in high resolution. The Minecraft texture packs will dramatically boost the frames per second in the game and this will make a lot of difference to the visuals. All the objects will appear very smooth which is usually not seen in the original version. In this manner, you can get to enjoy the game in better resolution by using this texture pack. However, you will need to use a computer of decent configuration to get the best performance out of this pack.

FPS Packs

Basically, it can be said that FPS Boost texture packs are a really good help. You should also install Optifine, as it makes some optimizations to the source code to make the gameplay even smoother. In addition, it is recommended not to use extreme Minecraft shaders, because they can easily cause lags. Anyway, you should avoid any add-ons that need much RAM. So think carefully about which mods you really need.

All in all, you should get significantly more FPS and fewer lags with our list. By the way, we have only included really good no lag packs in this category that work without problems. We used relatively new hardware and Windows 10 and got over 1000 FPS. This is only possible if everything is optimized down to the last detail. It is interesting for you to know that the installation works the same way as usual. The download and installation process takes only about three minutes, which is really short.

Agree - that would be odd as it was never an issue prior with the TGC FPSC packs. And if that has changed, then there needs to be a disclosure on the download page or in the downloads themselves that states this is the case. So far, I am not seeing one.

One mod say no problem. Another one stated only tgc models are completely free and can be use with other game engines. Other packs need to be confirmed with the artist. (That free packs consists from tgc and third party)

" Lee Bamber..@Teabone: I have only sought permission from the artists to open source their FPS Creator Classic Model Packs as is, so you are correct to seek permission from third party artists before converting and redistributing them for use in GameGuru. That said, TGC owned a lot of the packs and I hereby grant permission to convert all TGC owned FPSC model packs and distribute them for free on the forums (though not through the asset store or through some paid-for collection). I add my thanks to that of the community for grinding through the conversions! "

That's all well and good but as pointed out in the steam forum post- which ones are 3rd party and which ones are TGC? Unless I am missing something in the zip files, there is nothing that indicates either way. I previously own several TGC packs from years ago and this was never an issue, so this is pretty disappointing.

@macklebee that is the reason I said better be careful. The license are not really clear. Anyway, the good news is, if you own Gameguru, tgc just released most of the packs in the the latest Gamepack expansion dlc as free. So you can use that with leadwerks or other game engines.

I just got back into using FPSC after a several year hiatus and model packs are not appearing properly and several show the exact same thing in test mode. Derelict space station doors all appear the same no matter what model I choose. Just a doorway and empty space saying press enter to use. I have a fresh install and the update patch and a few model packs so far. Do I need to add the black ice mod as well?

Pro-tip: Some players allocate more RAM than recommended to the Java application for improved stability and performance. This should only be necessary if you plan on installing an extreme number of mods and resource packs.

When playing Minecraft, it is always important to get the best FPS possible, especially when playing on an online server, since even the slightest frame drop can ruin your whole game; for that reason, we came up with a list of the top 10 best texture packs that will get the best from your FPS.

Some graphic packs might not be available for Cemu 1.14.0 and newer while previous versions did have graphic packs.This is due to the full reimplementation of the texture system in Cemu 1.14.0.This also changed a lot of the aspects with textures and made all previous graphic packs that changed textures outdated.

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